Get started with folk

Get started with folk

Everything you need to set up your folk account in a few minutes and start getting value immediately! Start by bringing in all your contacts and organizing your network, then deep dive into contact nurturing and collaboration features.

1. Import contacts

Centralize your contacts from all your sources into your folk workspace

  • Connect your Google accounts - automatically import contacts from Google contacts, emails & calendar events
  • Import files - export contacts from other tools (e.g. Airtable, Notion, Excel, GSheets, etc) to import them into folk
  • Use the folkX Chrome extension - add contacts from anywhere (LinkedIn profiles & search, Twitter profiles, Instagram profiles, Gmail threads)
  • Connect integrations through Zapier - automatically import contacts from external tools (such as Airtable, Calendly, Typeform etc)

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2. Organize contacts

Structure your workspace by putting your contacts into groups

  • Create groups - create as many groups as you want to easily classify your contacts. Groups let you organize your contacts into different categories (e.g. Investors, Candidates, Journalists etc)
  • Start with a template - get inspired by our gallery of templates, which feature groups with pre-set properties and views for each use case
  • Create custom fields - add custom fields to track any relevant data on your contacts (with tags, dates, text, etc). Custom fields are properties specific to a group. This way you can track different data in each group
  • Create views - within a group, create views to visualize the data in different ways (sub-categorize with filters, manage companies vs people, create pipeline views)

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3. Send ultra-personalized emails

Reach out to your contacts in bulk with emails that can be automatically personalized using the data stored in folk

  • Authenticate your domain name - send emails from your own email addresses for optimal deliverability
  • Create custom emails - add variables, insert images, attach files
  • Review emails - individually review emails in your campaign and edit them if needed
  • Review analytics - view all your sent campaigns and get detailed analytics

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4. Track & followup

Manage custom workflows to nurture your relationships.

  • Create pipeline views - to track your workflows
  • Track & add interactions - see your latest interactions with your team, and add any interactions, both online and offline
  • Add comments - centralize notes on your contacts with your team and attach files to your contacts
  • Set up reminders - create reminders for yourself or your teammates so you never forget to follow up

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5. Collaborate

Invite your team to start collaborating on your contacts.

  • Add members - invite members to join your workspace to work as a team
  • Share groups - manage permissions by sharing select groups with relevant teammates
  • Assign teammates - mention teammates in your notes to easily follow up and assign them to reminders and tasks
  • Share interactions - make your interactions visible to everyone in the workspace
  • Share a view - generate a private link to a view, to share with people outside your workspace

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6. Use data Intelligence

Intelligent CRM, to clean up data and enrich information automatically

  • Manage duplicates - folk automatically detects duplicates in your workspace. Exact matches are auto-merged while other duplicates will be flagged in the Clean up duplicates view
  • Company enrichment - folk automatically detects the domain of your contacts’ primary email to assign them to the right company (name, logo & URL)
  • DropContact enrichment - folk is integrated with DropContact and lets you enrich the contacts of your choice in bulk to find missing data
  • Smart fields - folk automatically populates smart fields such as Strongest Vonnection (who in your team is closest to the contact) and date of your last interaction
  • Magic fields - folk combines the power of AI with the contact data you have in folk, to create… whatever you want! All you need to do is ask. In seconds, you can generate personalized emails to your contacts, create custom icebreakers, get a list of a company’s competitors – whatever you want!

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