6. Use data intelligence

6. Use data intelligence

  • Manage duplicates - folk automatically detects duplicates in your workspace. Exact matches are auto-merged while other duplicates will be flagged in the Clean up duplicates view
  • Company enrichment - folk automatically detects the domain of your contacts’ primary email to assign them to the right company (name, logo & URL)
  • DropContact enrichment - folk is integrated with DropContact and lets you enrich the contacts of your choice in bulk to find missing data
  • Smart fields - folk automatically populates smart fields such as Strongest Connection (who in your team is closest to the contact) and date of your last interaction
  • Magic fields - folk combines the power of AI with the contact data you have in folk, to create… whatever you want! All you need to do is ask. In seconds, you can generate personalized emails to your contacts, create custom icebreakers, get a list of a company’s competitors – whatever you want!

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